Compassionate Conversation

Deepen Intimacy Through The Practice Of Compassionate Conversation

How many people do you have in your life that you can talk to – about anything – without scaring or pushing them away? How many relationships have you been in where you could be really honest – about everything – with your partner? Close relationships, true friendships, and real community are all built on knowing yourself, sharing yourself, and really hearing other people. These are not skills we are born with; we have to learn them.

When most people see the term “compassionate communication” they think nonviolent communication, which is an amazing modality for people to communicate from the heart. Yet it isn’t the whole story. At its core, compassionate communication is love in action.

  • Can we see others as fully autonomous while also respecting our own autonomy?compassionblocks
  • Are we able to acknowledge and reflect our awareness back to them?
  • Can we appreciate and honor perspectives that we might not share or agree with, while simultaneously honoring our own?
  • Are we able to place equal value on giving as well as receiving?
  • Can we recognize the humanity in someone, even when we feel misunderstood or attacked?
  • Are we able to really listen and empathize even when we feel we must say something?
  • Will we step up to the line and meet others, no matter what feelings are involved? And to keep stepping up when the line changes?
  • Can we remain open while tending to our own necessary limits?

Through a regular and ongoing practice of compassionate communication in relationship, we can honor the others experience and be able to see where we have been hurt in our past.

I bring this power and awareness to all of my sessions and my greatest desire is to help others achieve centering, grounded, blissful peace in their lives so they can have more fulfilling relationships.

  • I am committed to modeling, promoting and teaching honest, compassionate communication practices regarding relationships and sexuality.
  • I will honor and support you right where you are and help you create opportunities for who you want to become.
  • I will meet your desires and fears with love and acceptance while providing a structure for change as we focus energy on gaining momentum toward your vision of fulfillment.

I draw from the work of…
Marshall Rosenberg (“Nonviolent Communication”)…
Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing)…
David Deida (“Intimate Communion”)…
Eckhart Tolle (“The Power of Now”)…
Jett Psaris and Marlene S. Lyons (“Undefended Love”) and others….
Topics include self-awareness (distinguishing between one’s thoughts and feelings), moving through fear, the power of vulnerability, and heart-centered sexuality.