What is Waking Eros? To Wake Up Our Eroticism?

The mistake is that Eros has been isolated into the sexual...when sexuality is modeled after Eros.

Experiencing Eros is what it means to continue to look inside of ourselves
no matter what kind of judgment the ego has.
Most attempts at understanding ourselves means that our experience of the sexual needs to be transformed,
because human evolution is doomed to failure if we cannot transform our relationship to the sexual.
Every person has experienced profound past experiences, traumatic events, and painful loneliness,
how we choose to integrate, dance and engage with it says a lot about
who we are and the people we will become.
Accessing and living into our creativity, fantasy and imagination will propel us forward in our lives.
Experiencing the masculine and feminine qualities that live inside of each of us
brings us into balance and allows us to see life from different perspectives
Having the most loving, open and divine experience in this one and only life we are currently living is...

Waking Eros

Somatic Sexology
Sexual Massage

Release old patterns, focus on life's pleasures, the arousing of desire, build your sexual intelligence and live into your fullest and most unique self expression through sexological bodywork and sacred intimacy work

Art of Intimacy

Intimacy is one of the most important and satisfying life’s necessities.
Are your relationships stagnant and missing the connection and fulfillment you once experienced?
Do you want to find out where intimacy can take you?

A Tantric Re-Wilding

We are at a point in our culture where humanity is being asked to be more in alignment and balance with masculinity / femininity in its most pure and divine form… wild, passionate, clear, protective, compassionate, committed, focused, penetrative/receptive, strong and yet gentle.

Eros Wisdom

Our great religions and traditions date back thousands of years. There are people who spend their lives studying sacred texts who emerge as mystical teachers. These rabbinical, tantric and shamanic masters taught a new translation from the hidden wisdom in these sacred texts. There are many different explanations that come out of these mystical traditions around sexuality, Eros and the definition of spirit where a new narrative continues to develop.


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