What is Somatic Sexology – Somatic Sex Education – Sexological Bodywork?

*an educational approach to learning about your body and its capabilities
*a compassionate approach to somatic healing in your sexuality and relationships
*using body based therapeutic techniques that allow you to explore quickly and efficiently your sexual stories, blocks, pleasures, and desires
*an approach that teaches you how to fully inhabit your body that gives you permission to love yourself, exactly the way you are
*a collaborative endeavor between client and practitioner …read more…


What is a Sacred Intimate?

Sacred intimates combine the roles of priest, prostitute, and psychotherapist. In other words, they approach sexuality with the understanding that it’s related to soul work and to spirituality. They use mindfulness and integrity to help people identify, embrace, and practice desire as holy, sexual embodiment as an expression of the soul. They hold the body as sacred and view erotic energy as a crucial component of human life and spiritual health. Their primary intention is that of healing — and by healing I mean not just addressing the wounds to the spirit and the flesh caused by sexual abuse, addiction, or disease but also acknowledging that the fun and the pleasure, the vitality and the divine mystery of sex have nourishing properties in and of themselves. That’s a message that easily gets lost in a culture that is as ambivalent or sex-negative as ours. ..read more…


Alternative Lifestyles – Polyamory, Kink, BDSM

I support people in finding lifestyles and relationships that work for them. Individual and relationship therapy can support people in improving communication and negotiating boundaries. You may want to work on issues related to fetish, fantasy or lifestyle; or you may want to work on issues that are completely unrelated. Fantasies of dominance and submission (DS), BDSM, fetishes, or other desires may cause distress and problems for some people. While other people find that these desires or practices are a source of joy and strength. An advantage in seeing a specialist is that I will not make it an issue if it is not an issue for you. ..read more…


Compassion & Intimacy

Deepen Intimacy Through The Practice Of Compassionate Conversation

How many people do you have in your life that you can talk to – about anything – without scaring or pushing them away? How many relationships have you been in where you could be really honest – about everything – with your partner? Close relationships, true friendships, and real community are all built on knowing yourself, sharing yourself, and really hearing other people. These are not skills we are born with; we have to learn them.

When most people see the term “compassionate communication” they think nonviolent communication, which is an amazing modality for people to communicate from the heart. Yet it isn’t the whole story. At its core, compassionate communication is love in action. ..read more…