My Philosophy…

I am inspired to be in the practice of complete acceptance of what life brings. I am convinced that it’s not about resolving all of life’s confusion in order to be happy with life. My desire is to deepen the relationship to my own life and with the people around me. I have spent the last two decades inquiring, exploring and training in the realm of relationship and how to engage with life’s Eros. I approach life in the spirit of mystery and a friendly curiosity in both my personal life and my work.

I believe one of life’s greatest joys is being in and cultivating loving relationships. There are many people seeking ways to enhance their relationships, deepen intimacy and develop and express their true and healthy sexual self. I am attracted to how people access their own unique truths and see their own beauty on an experiential and embodied way.

I have chosen this path (or maybe this path has chosen me) because I have come through my own life’s trials and tribulations – family dysfunction, heartbreak and loss – to help teach, guide and mentor people with courageous souls who make the decision to awaken themselves.

I am committed to model, promote and teach honest, compassionate communication practices regarding relationships and sexuality. As a Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Sacred Intimate, I teach methods for creating a healthy and authentic erotic self while acknowledging the history of Western sexual constructs and their influences. My intentions are to help normalize sexuality as an integral facet in the creation of your truest expression of your unique self. I support relationships of every type.

I believe that as we investigate who we are as sexual beings it opens up doorways into other aspects of our life. Our primary source of life force energy lies in the pleasures and joys of being in our bodies … and talk about how “Eros” is an all-to-often untapped resource. Our sexuality can be a vulnerable expression of our physical desires and yet it is frequently the place where deep accumulated shame comes to the forefront. I work with sexuality in partnership with the sacred spirit to support you in moving through shame to access your greatest joy, connection and pleasure.

My work has been inspired by the study and training I’ve done with many teachers / mentors and in many modalities, I have had in my life.

Twenty years of men’s work, Buddhism, Neo-Tantra, mystical Christianity and shamanic traditions of North America.

Sampling of Additional Training and Mentors Include

  • Advanced Tantric Sacred Intimate Training with Jay Craver & Vyana Bergen
  • The Principles of Tantra and Tantric Alchemy with Rudy Ballentine, Vyana Bergen, Andrew Lawler and Christina Sophie
  • Gateways to Enlightenment, Sacred Eros and a student of Kabbalist Rabbi Marc Gafni
  • The Sexual Body and Yoga of Light training with David Deida
  • Joseph Kramer of The Erospirit Institute
  • Ellen Heed – Anatomy and Physiology
  • Motivational Interview training internship with Stephen Andrew
  • Courageous Men – Intimacy Support Groups
  • Mindful Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

Curious about whether I am the right helping professional for you? A personal connection is truly the best way to assess if we are a match. Every conversation, including your initial consultation is private and confidential. I’m deeply honored by the courage it takes in every potential client who makes that first phone call or email connection.