What is Somatic Sexology, Somatic Sex Education, Sexological Bodywork?


Somatic Sex Education is…

*an educational approach to learning about your body and its capabilities
*a compassionate approach to somatic healing in your sexuality and relationships
*using body based therapeutic techniques that allow you to explore quickly and efficiently your sexual stories, blocks, pleasures, and desires
*an approach that teaches you how to fully inhabit your body that gives you permission to love yourself, exactly the way you are
*a collaborative endeavor between client and practitioner


What is Sexological Bodywork? from Caffyn Jesse on Vimeo.

Who are Sexological Bodyworkers?

  • are trained and certified by the State of California
  • are teachers who gently lead clients through the labyrinth of sexuality to places of healing and greater pleasure
  • work at a core body based awareness level
  • have exceptional presence and mindfulness
  • offer loving kindness and unconditional acceptance
  • Sexological Bodyworkers can help you to transform your relationships, your sexuality and your pleasure!
  • We also follow a Professional Code of Ethics, maintained by the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers


What are some outcomes?

  • the ability to maintain prolonged erotic states
  • a clearer understanding of your desire
  • better communication tools
  • the removal of sexual blocks
  • increased access to pleasure
  • better orgasms
  • deepened capacity for intimacy
  • clearer boundaries
  • transformative growth in your sexuality, relationships and life.

The interesting thing about this work is that when you start making changes in your sexuality, clients often find that their lives open up and become juicy and fuller as they liberate their erotic energy and sexual charge.

How is Sexological Bodywork different than Sex Therapy or Sex Coaching?

Whereas sex therapy works to help specific issues, Sexological Bodywork is a modality that educates while addressing issues such as pelvic pain, orgasm difficulties, erectile dysfunction etc. In other words, Sexological Bodyworkers are primarily sex educators who use hands-on education to teach about pleasure, and help you expand your erotic capacity.

Unlike a sex therapist, Sexological Bodyworkers teach from who they are; they use their own life experiences and knowledge of human sexuality to inform their teaching. Sexological Bodywork is also different from sex therapy and sex coaching in that while you will be in constant communication with your Sexological Bodyworker, you will also be encouraged to allow the body to relax and settle. Think of a really great massage, and combine it with sexual education.

Who sees a Sexological Bodyworker?

Individuals and couples see Sexological Bodyworkers for many reasons. A Sexological Bodyworker can help them to learn and explore erotic embodiment, sexual performance or sexual expression in a safer, supported space free of shame and fear. A Sexological Bodyworker also offers clients somewhere to deepen into pleasure, connect spirituality with sexuality, and explore erotic trance. Sexological Bodyworkers help people reclaim their sexuality, after injury or illness, trauma, aging or relationship changes. Sexological Bodyworkers often have areas they specialize in. You can ask different Sexological Bodyworkers why their skills would be the right fit for you, and if they are not a good fit, ask for a referral to another Sexological Bodyworker.