ReWilding HumanityWhere are the “real” men? Where are the “real” woman?

What does it even mean to be a real “gender identified” human these days?

What would it look like if you really knew what your gifts are to give into the world that nobody else can bring but you?

What would happen if you knew yourself so intimately that you couldn’t betray yourself?

How would you spend your time if you no longer needed to prove how worthy you are to give and receive love?

You are reading this because you are looking for something. Maybe you are looking to find your real purpose in life? Maybe you are ready to end the cycle of depression and anxiety that’s been holding you back. Maybe you are tired of reading all the self-help books and are ready to go into action?

Our culture has placed value on pioneering, prospecting and conquering like we have been shown to do by previous generations. We have been taught to keep a good home for our families full of creature comforts, maintain a safety threshold in our bank accounts, and we put our elders in assisted living homes and not really valuing their wisdom. We have been shown to keep our nose to the grindstone and take it on the chin like it’s all in a day’s work, like we pretend to know what we are doing, fearlessly… All the while we think… can’t we just go home, drink a beer and sit on our lazy-boy chairs watching life go by sometimes?

We have been taught how to have sex by society and the internet and sometimes even feel as if we might even be experiencing true vulnerability in intimacy. Many speak of an underlying loneliness and an awareness that we haven’t actually offered our most intimate aspects to this sexual act of love making. We will sometimes say we’re aware of always holding something back. Yet, we find ourselves stepping into a life of more integrity, demanding of ourselves that our actions support who we always felt ourselves to be. Integrating the unclaimed aspects of our lives.

We are at a point in our culture where we are being asked to be more in alignment and balance with masculinity – femininity in its most pure and divine form… wild, passionate, clear, protective, compassionate, committed, focused, penetrative/receptive, strong and yet gentle.  With actions of guidance and leadership through creativity, beauty, and truth seeking—fulfilling our highest ideals and principles, through example and not aspiration alone. Turning away from greed and conflict, and instead stays in a space of honesty and diplomacy. Displaying confidence yet not arrogance, being adventurous yet not reckless.

Bringing into balance our masculine and feminine is inherent to both genders and is what is being asked of us now. This isn’t about “men” or of “women” as much as it is about the yin/yang that lives within all of us. The problem is that these archetypes of masculine and feminine has gotten distorted over the centuries through domination – subservience, agitation – passivity, aggression – peace, thinking the environment can be controlled while looking for a particular outcome.

The fullness of these archetype shows up as unconditionally loving, inclusive, open, welcoming, heart-centered, spiritually focused, supportive and inspirational.

It is through our bodies that we access a knowing that is far deeper, and wiser, than what we can possibly access through our thought. This includes getting in touch with our anger, rage, grief, sadness, pain, aliveness, desire, and shame. It means taking a look at some of the behaviors that are preventing you from being genuine and authentic in living your truth; old habits, thinking patterns, substance use, and isolation, which keep you from engaging your awareness and being your own authority.

Another necessary aspect of this work is to review your own sacred sexual autobiography — every part of it — from the parts that cause shame to the peak erotic experiences. By doing this, you will be able to evolve into the most unique expression of yourself…UN-apologetically and without condition.

Have you been told or felt that you are a bit out of balance and want to find some ways to bring more of yourself into the picture?

Allow Yourself Permission…

  • Waking Eros is a path to move beyond the dominant paradigm into a nuanced, expansive experience of your balanced erotic landscape.
  • To stop the cycle of anxiety and depression that keeps you from recognizing the truth of who you are.
  • Listen deeply to the wisdom of your body and explore your whole, incredible self.
  • Embrace the soft subtlety of your receptivity; engage your rough assertiveness. Dance between these two polarities in fluid erotic mastery.
  • Open gateways to a deeper connection with yourself and your lovers, creating opportunity for long-lasting, mind-blowing, erotic and sexual encounters that are authentically you.

What you can need to get started:

  • Motivation: You want this so much you can practically taste it. Motivation is the start of all creative aspects in life. We cannot fabricate it. We must each choose each other to do this work together.
  • Freedom: The reason you haven’t taken this step is because you haven’t felt the freedom or safety to make a permanent change you want to become far more yourself then you are right now. This is an internal shift that requires additional support.
  • Humility: If you already knew what to do and who to talk to then either you don’t need any help at all or are completely lost. The mystery of life and love and being open to letting go of what our future may hold is what opens us up to something different happening in our lives. Otherwise you stay stuck in your own thinking.