For Men…

It is necessary to make the leap into the wisdom of your body. It is through your body that you access a knowing that is far deeper, and wiser, than thought. This includes getting in touch with your anger, rage, grief, sadness, pain, aliveness, desire, and shame. It means taking a look at some of the behaviors that are preventing you from being genuine and authentic in living your truth; old patterns, habits, substance use, and isolation, which keep you from engaging your awareness and being your own sexual authority.

Another necessary aspect of this work is to review and own your own sexual history — every part of it — from the parts that cause you shame to your peak erotic experiences. By doing this, you will be able to evolve into your most unique expression of sexual desire…unapologetic and without condition.

On of our cultural patterns in the West is that men are indoctrinated to be the strong, handsome, hard, long, tough, woman-pleasing providers. This portrayal also includes contradicting narratives, for example the field-playing bachelor and the ultimate family man, devoted to wife and children. The role is a one-dimensional story to be productive and to “do, and it’s no wonder that many men suppress their softness and ridicule each other for perceived vulnerabilities. Men are caught in a painful scenario when playing by these rules and there is a call for change. After all, if not now…when?

Waking Up To The Erotic Is A Path To…

  • Cultivating your ability to feel sexual energy cruise through your whole body, with a possible desire of becoming multi-orgasmic without ejaculation
  • Moving beyond the notion that the penis is the center of all your sexual interactions
  • Practicing ethical flirting that works to seduce the people you’re attracted to
  • Enjoying your body despite erectile dysfunction
  • Interrupting patterns of early ejaculation in real time without shame in a no-pressure environment
  • Surrender into the pleasure of receiving
  • Building the practice of your fullness of presence
  • Breaking out of a dangerous cycle of dissociative porn consumption

Allow Yourself The Permission…

  • Waking Eros is a path of permission to move beyond the dominant paradigm into a nuanced, expansive experience of your balanced erotic landscape.
  • Listen deeply to the wisdom of your body and explore your whole, incredible self.
  • Embrace the soft subtlety of your receptivity; engage your rough assertiveness. Dance between these two polarities in fluid erotic mastery.
  • Open gateways to a deeper connection with yourself and your lovers, creating opportunity for long-lasting, mind-blowing, sexual encounters that are authentically juicy.