Why Organic?



With organic body butters you know the ingredients I will be using ingredients that are on the label are actually what’s in the product. No hidden or confusing chemicals! No WATER added! Take a look at the label of other lotions and body butters… why would someone put in water to these items? My products are so pure and gentle on skin they’re safe for all ages. They are even edible. There are no GMOs, artificial fragrances, or other chemicals hiding out in your product. I manufacture all of my products in-house in small batches so I can maintain the highest quality, purity, and freshness. I only want to help!

My butters are a pure whipped shea and mango butter product with other emolient oils added, like jojoba and coconut oil. A little goes a long way! The butter will seal in that moisture and make your skin oh-so-soft!