The Duality of Human Nature and The Search for Universality

posted in: Compassion, Heart Opening

Just below our rational façade of humanity lies a turbulent darkness that is kept in check by the good that happens in life’s everyday existence and excitement. When examining the duality of human nature, it seems to fall under two different categories, good versus evil in the struggle of light and dark, or the thinking mind versus our animalistic biological impulses that are programmed beyond the mind’s thinking. When human’s animal nature is investigated, it is typically around how a person can decline into darkness. When someone is under extreme stress, under the grips of insanity, or throwing inhibitions aside, what was once a rational human being is left turned into a rageful psychopath unfit for normal society.

Before we came on this long journey through duality we came from a state of oneness spiritually and physically. This is what actually caused the world of duality to come into existence and why it is important to see the part we play in it to understand where we are ultimately trying to go. We came from a place of unity, physical oneness and connected through love and gratitude. After a time, we wanted to experience more on our own. This is where the separation happened both physically as we left the mother and spiritually when we separated from god.

EarthLoveUnity As a result of experiencing the duality in this physical/spiritual separation, we eventually become longing for home and the state of unity that was once created by love. We realize that all of us are connected on the same journey of experiencing duality through the human condition and continually trying to remember and be reminded where it was we came from. Once we remember where it is we came from and who we are as divine creatures, we are then able to create something better than from where we came from. This is the birth of compassion.

loveforgivenessWe have created both love and hate and we have also discovered ways we can confront and welcome hatred with acceptance and kindness. This is the transformation of fear into love and gratefulness with compassion. We are currently in the process of being able to transform any situation into one which can hold higher levels of love and gratitude.