Our Becoming…

What is it like to be a human being? To experience this life as it is in all it’s “beingness”? How do we perceive ourselves, each other and the world around us? We create, design and obtain the material things around us and think we have an idea of how people should help participate in creating the reality of our lives that we think we want. Being human it is natural to get stuck at times in some of our self identity. Then something happens, something changes. A change where our minds can heavily resist, threatening our being of who we thought we were and how we relate to ourselves and our self identity. Our mind really wants to fight against this change because of the unknown and the risk of failure, ridicule, abandonment or rejection. We still love to think that we find safety in predictability and where our determination reigns absolute.

becomingOnce we have realized there is more to our individual minds’ ideas to how and what we identify ourselves with, we can start to see things a little bit different. We are all participating in each others growth and evolving consciousness … where all parts are growing intertwined with each other. Never separate. It is the feeling of our complete wholeness and of life’s unfolding where everything and everyone participates. This is an ongoing and continuous movement unaware yet of our fullest potential where our state’s of being are short-lived and we realize the process is about our becoming. Is “becoming” a form that we take or a part of ourselves that we wish to change? Maybe a little confusing at this point.

What is this process of becoming? The letting go of any recognized idea of our self identity in order to let go of the fear to change. Letting go of any attachment to form of who we relate to ourselves to be. We are not meant to be stagnant in our lives. Yet there are people who resist change in themselves and others who seek it. If I’m not who I think I am… then who the heck am I? Our personality and our identity is not static… we have an essence in our features that make up our personality and we are always adapting and changing to the evolving nature of our surroundings to greater levels of understanding… and might I even suggest this is the process of enlightenment?

In the movement of our becoming we learn how to forgive, releasing the conditioned thinking and self image and all judgements. Letting go of any constructs we have created in our minds from the past of any traumatic events, self-doubt, mistakes, hardships, failed relationships, family history and suffering within ourselves. Letting go of all the stories we have made up of others that keeps us stuck in our fixed mindset… and seeing others as whole, complete, entirely loving, completely deserving of your love, gratitude and blessing. We begin to see each other as the same, wanting the same things… joy, peace and love. The more we can balance participation in allowing life to unfold helps us to ongoingly learn and practice the art of loving well. We choose to look at ourselves and others with curious minds open to introspection, reflection and learning… always remaining receptive to new information.

This beingness is the beginning of our discovery of who we are meant to be in this world. Where we can receive all the love, physical, mental, emotional… and it all comes through us…. where we realize who we are meant to become.