Outrageous Love Letter

Dear Lover…

Meet me in the wildest place of your dreams…where our dreams meet together to find us in places we could never have imagined…

…me being penetrated by you and you being penetrated by me. We are all the same and we can see what we each bring to each other.

Love LetterThere is no getting lost because we are finding each other in ourselves.

We get lost in our sex and lost in our breath.

There is no other place to be and no desire unexplored.

My tongue explores every crack and crevasse in your body as you welcome and move me to the places you need me in.

I pull your body close to mine as I explore and undulate my thriving vessel of a body onto yours while you bring me to touch the
divine. Leaving me in wonderment of what we can do together.

Our dance ends in the strength and softness of our bodies intertwined.

We hold each other in the beauty we find in each other, as the divine in each other…

…which the world needs so badly…

…to have us in service to each other and to the good of the universe.

Only to see and be with each other in the ultimate highest good which is beauty beyond your belief.

Would you join me there?