Love is Content – The Surrendered State

One of the first things we need to understand about form and content is that they are both part of dualistic thinking of the human brain and do not exist in the oneness of spirit/love/god mindedness. While we are born into our small self, we appear to have a separate mind from everyone else and it is validated through the myriad of different ways in which the body sees itself as separate from each other. Even the westernized culture we live in which is full of competition, industrialization and capitalism supports the separation viewpoint.

sufferingislifeIt is within the dualistic mindset where we have a choice between two possible “contents” or thoughts: the thought of separation, or our surrender into the memory of oneness/sameness. Our brain then has only one activity: the power to choose between these two thoughts. Once the mind chooses one of these two thoughts, the thought takes form. The form may be a specific behavior, a “thought”, or a judgment that expresses the original thought. All thinking produces a form at one level or another.  When the choice of content is for oneness/peace/joy/happiness it represents the reminder of love in the mind… our surrender into love, whatever is done or not done in form will be a reflection of that love. The content through love’s expression is communicated in some form because it has been chosen by our mind.

If the content of the mind is the choice for separation, it will be governed by the small self or the ego. This is where fear of the past which was historically demonstrated by the outside world becomes the replacement for the interior world of our surrender to love. Therefore, no matter how sweet and loving a form may appear to be, our decision to separate expresses the ego’s denial of our innate joy and happiness in choice of our disagreement with life.


Which one will you choose?