Outrageous Love Letter #2

I am yoursThere is no end to our beginning, the pouring sweat and tears is ours, the pleasure is ours.

Not for anyone to own or claim as theirs.

We ride the waves of bliss and the depths of desire unfulfilled as we explore what it might be like exploring each others pleasures.

I surrender my manhood into your woman…as your womanhood becomes my man.

The thoughts of my hands palpitating all the secret places on your body leave me craving more of your being.

I want to find the little treasures which make you scream in ecstasy.

My body craves your touch…please, PLEASE, PLEASE show me the way to find God…

…show me how to surrender into the pure love you bring to me.

You are the path and you are the one who can show me the way…and I will follow you.

Show me the way.