My Erotic Journey Into The Internet, Once Again…

The long arduous hours of web programming with the intention of hitting a larger audience to ultimately bring people together face to face, to have more fulfilling lives and relationships and, to end suffering. What I’m trying to give doesn’t need a shopping cart because my offerings aren’t products. My offerings and invitations are all the same concepts I study, practice and teach in my own life. We will journey together finding and creating our most unique selves possible which will require individual practices, the sangha and group work.

computer junkyard

As you’ve journeyed your way into Waking Eros through the internet, my intent still remains the same even after many, many hours invested in becoming loving friends with my computer once again…to practice the art of loving well…to give our most unique gifts in becoming the most outrageous lovers we can be in this world….through all of our interactions in all our relationships.

Welcome to Waking Eros 2.0