Completing The Circle With Tantric Principles (and a free class)

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Connecting lineages which I have become a part of has become such an important part of my evolution. When I saw an offer from one of my teachers Joseph Kramer, to give a free class to my readers, I could not pass it up. This connects the lineage and completes the circle from teacher, to practitioner, to readers. Then, I saw how I could expand the circle and include my tantric lineage of Rudy Ballentine into the erotic and sexual education offered by Joseph. My hope is that you all find some take-away material to enrich your life with.

5108292What is Tantra? Ask that question on Google University and get 100 different answers from; right handed, left handed, Kashmir Shaivism, California Tantra, Sky Tantra and many more. The lineage I’ve been trained in is based on seven living tantric principles…
1. Everything is an Experiment
2. As Within, So Without
3. Tapas & Spanda
4. Multiple Realms of Consciousness
5. Inner Marriage
6. Ascending & Descending Energy
7. The Healing Power of Pleasure

Tantra is about unity and balance. Because of this, Modern Western or Neo-Tantra has become focused on what Westerners need the most to restore unity and balance … sexual healing. The goal of Tantra is enlightenment, although, having a 30-minute orgasm or hours of sex can be regarded as a great perk. Because of this, many students seek Tantra for sexual development rather than the enlightenment. Nonetheless, no matter the intention, Tantra practices and principles will benefit the student in both ways, as Tantra brings together mind/body/soul/spirit into harmony.

Here is the completion of the circle, free access to Tantra Lovemaking for Couples class. (This class contains videos of explicit sexual acts, so if you are not desiring to view, please do not click on the link) As many people are looking to expand their erotic/sexual awareness and their capacity for pleasure (see #7 of the tantric principles), I introduce the “Tantra Lovemaking for Couples” class (Username and password = tantralove) where you will have access for 3 weeks (until May 3, 2014) after this blog gets posted. CLICK HERE to access the course, at the top right corner is the login where you enter username/password, which are both = tantralove. Then you scroll down the page to access the “Tantra Lovemaking for Couples” class” to “view” the videos. (I realize the interface is not completely intuitive)

Ancient Secrets to EcstacyIn this class you can learn about…

• Extending and expanding sexual orgasm
• Freeing the female orgasm
• Yogic ejaculatory control
• Using breath to build and control sexual energy
• Full body and valley orgasm
• Awakening the Saspandana (female G-spot)
• Ancient techniques of Imsak, Kabbazah, and Karezza
• The use of ritual in lovemaking
• The ancient Tantric philosophy of Sacred Sexual relationship

Of all the learnings in this class I would recommend ejaculatory control, using breath, the ancient techniques and rituals in lovemaking. The instructors in this class are Margot Anand, Nik Douglas, Charles and Caroline Muir, David Ramsdale, Robert Frey, Lori Grace, and Suzie Heumann, some amazing erotic explorers of our time.

It’s an honor for me to share this generous offer from Joseph and connect the lineage of The New School of Erotic Touch with the tantric principles. Please feel free to share this with all!

In Breath and Pleasure…