How We Choose To See Others Is How We See Ourselves

Reveal Others GreatnessWe are the universe’s creations and so is every person that we look upon regardless of the past history or preconceived images we might hold in our minds towards another. Humans are born with split minds… an egoic mind and spirit mind. Because of that, we get to make a decision to side with our separate self/egoic mind… to see others as their past and project onto them our own historic pain OR with our spirit mind in unity, to see each other in our wholeness and strengths. The way we decide to see each other will establish our own identity and we will believe it. Choose the better for someone else and that becomes the choice that we make for ourselves… over and over again.

Why would we choose separation and make comparisons or put space between each other, versus union and seeing us all as the same? Because of some false illusions we have about ourselves that holds others away from us. Beyond all these illusions we see lies our own liberation from the past. Let us not get stuck in any comparisons because love does not make any. Comparisons happen when we perceive a lack seen in someone else and keeping clear in our sight any and all lacks we can possibly perceive. We either give each other life or we give each other death; we are each others great protector or we become the judge; we offer each other safety and security or blame and accusation.

Forgiveness is the healing of the perception of separation. Only in choosing peace and love can we look upon each other in complete forgiveness, leaving nothing excluded from that forgiveness and nothing kept hidden from each other. And from there, what mistake can there be anywhere that you could not overlook? Any one mistake that you continue to see keeps you both separated, out of loves reach and from seeing each other as perfect true selves together in a holy union.

waynedyerLet’s make a choice to unite through unconditional and undefended love, otherwise known as universal love or god’s love, where our vision has the power to see people in their complete  wholeness. It’s a form where we both can choose to firmly hold the vision through the lens of god’s eyes while we look at each other in complete perfection. Communication instead of separation becomes one of the main priorities, which cannot be done through our bodies alone but, in our choice of “seeing”. Choosing to create for each other a perfect shelter where our true selves can be continually reborn in safety and in peace. Only in this joint union and welcoming the effects of love can healing be found.