For Women…

Centuries of cultural conditioning have created a society that has separated women from the amazing possibilities of their bodies, and placed perceived limitations on how a woman should act, what she should think and say, and how she should relate to her sexuality and desire nature.

feminine2As a result, many women don’t know how to get what they want because they haven’t had sufficient opportunity to define what it is that they want. They haven’t given themselves — or been afforded — the time and space to dive into their own desires, nor to have those desires affirmed, valued and supported. Instead, many settle for relationships or jobs that seem good enough, but which end up feeling unfulfilled, lacking in purpose or meaning, even destructive.

This is reflected in our sciences, where current medical resources are silent or incorrect when it comes to women’s sexual anatomy. In fact, there were more accurate drawings published in the 1700s than are circulated in today’s medical universities and textbooks. After hundreds of years of misinformation, misogyny, dismissal, and sexual violence, we have so much to unlearn from the teachings of our mainstream culture.

In Our Work Together…

Practicing your sexuality with somatic coaching gives you tools and important information about yourself that you can immediately take out into the world.

  • Are you ready to get out of your smallness and find an intimate connection with your desires and fantasies?
  • Do you want to explore, understand and transform your erotic landscape?
  • Are you interested in finding out what holds you back and what turns you on?
  • Do you want to fall in deeply love with your body and yourself, with your life and your partners?
  • Are you ready to learn to ask for what you really want?

I am here to help you reconnect with your infinite capacity for pleasure in a non-judgmental, no-pressure environment. Here, you are free to explore your desires, and to decide what you want to learn and how deep you want to go — while receiving instant, supportive feedback, and new skills to cultivate your sexy self.

Working With Scar Tissue

Have you experienced any of the following: Hysterectomy, Sexual Violence, Tearing during Childbirth, C-Section, Gender Reassignment Surgery, Mastectomy, Episiotomy, or Hernia?

Scar tissue can grow fast and deep into the cavities of your torso. Over time, the scar tissue can pull at your skeleton, muscles and organs, creating vast networks of tension leading to twisted postures, tightness in the chest that restricts breathing, and painful sex or loss of sensation.

With Scar Tissue Remediation and Sexological Bodywork, you can experience your internal scar tissue dissolve, leading to more movement and freedom in your body. This modality is powerful and is best practiced over a series of sessions — with most people experiencing a marked difference after their first session.

Individuals I have worked with have reported increased sensation in their pelvis and genitalia, flexibility in their hips, and emotional release directly related to the situation that produced their scar.

Contact me to schedule a 60 minute Scar Tissue Consultation that includes individualized scar tissue education, an analysis of your body’s healing matrix, and options for treatment.