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Waking Eros Essential Oil Blend…

Grounding, Strengthening & Soul Opening – Provides Radical Clarity of Emotion

A blend of seven *Natural essential Oils, including but not limited to:

Vetiver: One of the only essential oils derived from plant roots; grounds & Centers energy

Peru Balsam: Gently Opens up tender areas of the Heart with trust and without judgment

Nutmeg: supports Connection to higher realms; enhances the Mind-body-spirit connection

Cypress: Provides Mental Clarity & psychological strengthening; Assists in connecting to the wisdom of the universe

Cape Chamomile: Fortifies connection to self

*Essential oils are not certified organic at this time and though organic and vetted sources for these essential oils have been used, “natural essential oil” is the proper term as they have been naturally derived and have been unaltered from their extracted state. (Unfortunately, Just because an essential oil is labeled “organic” does not guarantee that it is.)

Blended in a carrier of the following oils:

Certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic safflower oil, certified organic olive oil, certified organic jojoba oil, and non-gmo vitamin e.